Donation of used tools or funds for high school bench program

Black in Jewelry Coalition | Brooklyn, NY

Posted By: Black in Jewelry Coalition

Brooklyn STEAM Center High School
Brooklyn NY
United States

Black in Jewelry Coalition in partnership with Jewelers Mutual have started a high school bench program at the Brooklyn STEAM Center High School, servicing 8 Brooklyn NY schools. We hope that you can join us by supporting with a donation of used tools or a monetary donation for us to purchase tools.
We are looking for donations of:

– 1 Brass bar stock square rod 3/16, 1ft long
· 1 Set of six needles file, cut #2
· 1 ½ round hand file School grade, cut #0
· 3 sheets each wet/dry silicone carbide paper 220,420,600
· 1 Sheet each 3X3, 18 gauge Brass, Copper & Nickel
· 1 Saw frame, 4 inch
· 2 doz. #0 saw blades
· 1 Set of six drill bits, 1 Center punch
· Flex shaft chuck key & Mandrels (2 split, 1 screw)
· Square, Ruler, Divider
· Eye protection
If you are able to donate any of these items please DM us on Instagram.

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