Everybody’s Bolos

| TX, NM

Posted By: Ana Lopez


The objectives of this exhibition are as follows: to understand the bolo tie’s history concerning marginalized groups; to expand the audience for contemporary makers of innovative bolo ties; to acknowledge the role Indigenous jewelry artists have played in the creation and development of the bolo tie; to invite artistjewelers who have not yet participated in the bolo tie community to bring their unique voices to bear on the format; and to contextualize the bolo’s genderless ornamental potential for a world that is increasingly aware and accepting of the full spectrum of human gender. On a deeper level, this is about recognizing stereotypes, exploring them, and expanding beyond their limitations through the agency and inclusivity of craft.

Thirtythree artists have committed to participate in this project, which is being organized collaboratively by makers Ana M. Lopez, Brian Fleetwood, and Hannah Toussaint, all of whom will also be contributing bolo ties and essays for the catalog.

January May 2024 UNT Art Gallery, Denton, Texas
June 2024 onward Available
TBD Hecho A Mano Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico (final location)

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