Exhibition Call: Missed Connections

Jess Tolbert & Lyndsay Rice | San Diego, CA

Posted By: Missed Connections

3139 University Ave
San Diego CA 92104
United States

Jewelry is many things – it is performative, personal, sentimental, and it is representative of who we are – and ultimately, it is meant to be worn. As we view jewelry in an exhibition space, we are often confronted with the absence of this critical connection to the body. As makers, we can consider and reflect upon the life our jewelry lives outside the studio – on the body of a wearer.

Who is this wearer? What story does the work tell about the body it adorns?

A “Missed Connection” is a sort of personal advertisement seeking a human connection that is elusive. These serendipitous ads often include details that help identify the person, place, and the potential for emotional exchange and feelings that are hopefully not fleeting.

See the full description: https://forms.gle/7qqMqBFWvuWsXnh87

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