Experimental Enamel on Steel

Brooklyn Metal Works | Brooklyn, NY

Posted By: Brooklyn Metal Works

640 Dean Street
Floor 2
Brooklyn NY 11218
United States

This workshop will cover various enameling techniques for mild steel, including steel champlevé, ground coat applications, and alternative steel materials, such as whiteboard and enamelware. Metalsmithing techniques for steel will be introduced, such as piercing and scoring and bending, but the focus of the workshop will be on the enamel surface. Steel is an alternative material for enamel, and has a different appearance than traditional enamel on copper and silver. If you’re interested in a low-cost metal that is strong, lightweight, weldable and magnetic, steel is a good option; however, it is much harder to form and rusts if not protected, but we’ll be discussing how to address these issues. It also has a more industrial appearance than traditional enamel on non-ferrous metals, which can be an interesting aesthetic choice.

5 session Intensive | Monday – Friday
June 24-28
Taught by Sharon Massey

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