Fluent in Japanese? Study mitsuro hikime with me in Japan.

Christen Coomer | Tachikawa City, Tokyo Prefecture

Posted By: Christen Coomer


Tachikawa City Tokyo Prefecture

I am looking for someone to join me as a fellow student and translator at a three-day mitsuro hikime workshop in Tokyo, Japan. Our arrangement could be that I pay for the course for you, and in return you help me understand what is being taught, and help me ask questions as needed.

You of course must have fluency in both Japanese and English, and ideally you are also a metalsmith with subject matter expertise. You’ll need to have availability to travel to, or otherwise be in Tokyo, on the dates we mutually determine with the school. I’m hoping to plan the trip either this fall 2024, or next spring 2025.

If you’re an English-speaking metalsmith who’d like to join me and share the cost and benefits of a fellow student who translates, that’s also of interest to me!

In any case, I’d love to hear from you.

Christen Coomer
Deodata Design

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