Intro to Engraving Intensive with Valerie James

Brooklyn Metal Works | Brooklyn, NY

Posted By: Brooklyn Metal Works

640 Dean Street
Floor 2
Brooklyn NY 11238
United States

Engraving requires both patience and awareness. In this 5-day workshop intensive, students will utilize both hand-push and air-assisted methods of engraving to establish a basic understanding of the tools and control that is required for carving into metal surfaces. Processes such as tool sharpening, image making/mark development, design transferring, and general surface finishing techniques will be developed through a variety of samples and exercises. In this comprehensive introduction, we will explore traditional engraving tools and techniques while looking at their applications within a contemporary practice. Both gestural mark-making, and precision drawing can be incredibly useful tools for engraving. The goal of this course is to help individuals experience intimacy with their work, through repetitive motion and intense focus.
Due to the intricacy of engraving, students should have prior jewelry experience.

March 11-15
11am – 4:30pm
Taught by Valerie James

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