Kristina Glick: Electroforming for Enamelists

Kimberly Geiser | Newark, NJ

Posted By: Kimberly Geiser

49 Washington Street
Newark NJ 07102
United States

Enamelists, come explore the exciting world of copper electroforming. Learn to create uniquely organic and textured copper designs that highlight and enhance the color and surface of your enamels. In this workshop we will start by learning how to create enamels that are appropriate for combining with electroforming as well as how to set up and operate your own electroformer. We will then discuss strategies for design and composition and how electroforming can be used to create raised metal surfaces for basse-taille or champleve enameling. The workshop is focused on jewelry scale enamels but with a larger electroformer this technique can easily be adapted to sculpture or wall panels.

Level: All levels
2-day Workshop: Sunday, April 28, 2024 & Monday, April 29, 2024

Details are on our website:

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