Part Time Studio Manager

Baltimore Jewelry Center | Baltimore, MD

Posted By: Shane Prada

10 E North Ave
Suite 130
Baltimore MD 21202
United States

The Baltimore Jewelry Center is seeking a part-time studio assistant who is knowledgeable about metalsmithing and jewelry, as well as facilities management. The ideal candidate is an excellent communicator who enjoys supporting users of our space with the ultimate goal of leading everyone towards an independent studio practice. This position is focused on supporting the programming and daily management of the BJC, our Studio and Program Managers, and our students and renters. The Baltimore Jewelry Center supports several different types of programming.

The staff is involved in the development, execution, and management of:

Classes and Workshops
Studio and Facilities
Studio Rental and Renter Support
Promotion and Marketing
Exhibitions and Gallery
Free and Collaborative Workshops
Kids and Teens Programs
Annual Symposium
Jewelry Education Certification Program

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