Perfect Box Construction without Warpage or Binding Wire with Tom Muir

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Box-making, with the complex and varied skills it requires, is among the most sophisticated techniques in the metalsmith’s repertoire. This workshop will show you how to control warpage of sheet metal, refine your torch work, and perfect your filing, fitting, and finishing proficiencies – and all without the use of binding wire! You will be able to make a medium sized, rectangular and cylindrical, box form, incorporating a hinge or force-fitting lip that can be finished in a variety of surprisingly creative ways.

Instructor Tom Muir will be in the MAGG studio for this three day workshop, teaching in-person and virtual students. A recording will be available to all students for 30 days following the workshop, so you can review the material over and over again while you perfect your technique!

Saturday – Monday
July 22-24, 2023
10:00 am – 4:00 pm EDT
$480 for non-members, $441.60 for MAGG members
Sign up by June 9th for $25 off!

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