Radical Jewelry Makeover Rejewelry Competition

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Posted By: Sarah Parker

Radical Jewelry Makeover (RJM) presents, The Rejewelry Competition! We invite you to apply to this first-ever RJM juried jewelry competition and exhibition! Top prizes include a solo exhibition at Alma’s Gallery in Richmond, VA, and an invitation to join the RJM Artist Project. Radical Jewelry Makeover’s mission is to raise awareness of the connection between mining, metalsmithing, activism, collaboration, and art. RJM involves volunteer “miners,” “smelters,” “refiners,” jewelers, and metalsmiths working together to create a new and transparent supply chain. As an extension of this mission, we want to invite newcomers into our RJM community and welcome back past participants to utilize this circular supply chain of materials. This competition is a creative challenge for those looking to engage in the tangible redistribution of already-mined persistent raw materials full of creative potential! Join our movement! Join our mission and be a part of the action! Apply by JUNE 1, 2023

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