Session 4 Metals: From Ferrous to Fine: Steel for Jewelers

Haystack Mountain School of Crafts | Deer Isle, ME

89 Haystack School Drive
Deer Isle ME 04627
United States

This workshop focuses on using steel, typically considered a non-precious metal, to fabricate jewelry and small sculptures. Participants will learn about the working properties of steel and what makes it similar yet different from working with non-ferrous or precious metals. Demonstrations on sawing, annealing, forming, and finishing mild steel will be given. Students will explore soldering steel with gold and silver solders for construction and surface embellishment. Small-scale oxy/acetylene welding will also be taught for wire and sheet fabrication. It is preferable that students have at least some sawing experience, but it is not required. All levels welcome.

April Wood (she/her) is a metalsmith and jeweler based in Baltimore, MD. She is co-founder of the Baltimore Jewelry Center, where she served as Studio and Programs Manager and Exhibitions Director. She exhibits her work nationally and internationally, including solo exhibitions at Ombré Gallery and the Austin Museum of Art.

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