VERDANT BODIES: A Contemporary Art Jewelry and Metalsmithing Exhibition

Alicia Jane Boswell | West Palm Beach, Florida

Posted By: Alicia Jane Boswell or Maria Camera-Smith

811 Park Place
West Palm Beach Florida 33401
United States

Verdant Bodies is a juried exhibition that will offer insight as to how makers of the art jewelry and metalsmithing field interpret their environments. As people throughout time have settled in new locations, cultures are ever evolving. Populations ebb and flow, influencing societal trends in every aspect of adornment and expression. The border between civilization and nature has become much more complex and entwined. The intent of Verdant Bodies is to raise topics such as ecology, evolution, species relationships, botanical, and cultural implications. What have our ideas of “nature” evolved into, and how may material use intersect? Invasive species have been introduced to new ecosystems and create altogether new environments. Within these considerations, what could the future of the “natural” world look like?
Exhibition Dates: October 27-November 18, 2022
Opening Reception: Thursday, October 27, 5-7pm

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