Virtual Workshop: “1+1 = 3” CONCEPTS AS A CREATIVE TOOL with KATJA PRINS

Eliana Arenas | ,

Posted By: Eliana Arenas

June 2 & 9, 2022
12:00 – 2:00 p.m. ET

How can we use an overarching “Big Idea” in our creative process? What is the importance of a concept? How can we organize the process of research, expand ideas and search for connections? How do we select and refine our findings and how do we develop it all into interesting works?
This workshop will be on developing concepts in order to give a design depth, meaning and direction. I will share with you some of my working methods and will show you how exploring and experimenting with materials and forms, in combination with a foundational idea, can lead to an intriguing visualization of that idea.
Next to this you’ll be working on a short playful assignment, which we will discuss in the second class in order to inspire one another. There will be space for sharing ideas, feedback, and asking/answering questions.

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