Virtual Workshop: Stone Setting at the Bench with Ryan Gardner

Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild | ,

Posted By: Patricia Evans

Gain a new understanding of working with stone and incorporating it into your designs. Learn techniques involved for carving and drilling stones at your bench without large lapidary equipment!

You’ll be shown a number of different diamond bits to achieve a variety of designs and textures in your stones, alter the shape, drill holes, and how to polish those carvings. Ryan will show students the process for creating laminations as well as his technique for applying metal leaf to the carvings.
The workshop will be entirely online through our private Zoom website. You will receive a video of the workshop a few days after it ends so you may review the class and practice along with the instructor. The video will be available for 60 days after receipt of the link.
Cost: $215. Student is responsible for materials and tools.
We welcome beginners. You must be a member of MBMAG to register

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