Calls for Entry

JMA International Jewelry Design Competition 2022

Theme: Flourish The pandemic has plunged the world into an extraordinary and difficult time. Nevertheless, a warm spring always follows by a cold winter, and tranquility always returns after a storm. If we can “Flourish” with a positive attitude and…

Greenville Designer Jewelry Show 2022

The Greenville Designer Jewelry Show is a one-day event taking place on December 4th. Located at the Greenville Center for Creative Arts in Greenville,SC, the show will host 10-20 professional artisan jewelers in the heart of the Village arts district….

WE ARE SNAG: Anthology 2022

“WE ARE SNAG: Anthology 2022” is a virtual catalog of SNAG membership, created as a visual resource for fellow members, educators, retail shoppers, collectors, galleries, and museums. It will include one image from each participant, presented in a searchable web…


An exhibition of current forged metalwork showcasing the vast possibilities of design, technique, and self-expression through the lens of the forging process. Forging can be both incredibly technical and self-expressive. The combination of the two is what makes it such…

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