Azita Mireshghi

Azita Mireshghi

Board of Directors

Azita Mireshghi is an American born Iranian metalsmith and studio artist living and working in Santa Monica, CA where she was born and raised. Her work in general explores emotional reactions caused by adornment. Azita’s current focus is creating art that addresses social justice issues, while making wearable pieces that are process driven through her examination of texture in metal.

What three words would friends use to describe you?

loyal, supportive, weird

Who are your biggest professional or personal influences?

Personal: Gabby Bernstein, Yung Pueblo, Esther/Abraham Hicks. Professional: Yayoi Kusama, Art Smith, Shirin Neshat

What is something-big or small- that you are really good at?

cooking! I have professional culinary training

What is your favorite quote of all time?

Art creates a profound connection between the artist and the audience. Through that connection, both can heal. -Rick Rubin
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