Kristi Zevenbergen

Treasurer, Board of Directors

I was born in 1957 to parents that should have never had kids. They were successful or engaging in their own rights. I was a latch key kid (eventually homeless) and I would not trade it for the world. I’ve learned to live my own standards and truths. I see God in nature and all things alive. I’m blessed and depressed. I’m happy when I pay attention and able to experience the blessings of life simultaneously with others. I can’t imagine living without interacting with other life. Being committed gives me purpose. I’ve been blessed with 5 children – 3 of which are still alive. Some I bore, other’s I did not. I have 3 amazing granddaughters. I’ve been married 3 times and would probably never marry again. My kids are my life and I love my dog. Music, my garden and my work as an artist mesmerize me. I’m very vain – as a woman who could been seen as beautiful in my culture – I am hating the aging process. Still, I want to live forever, whatever the stakes. I consider myself a keeper of the old and authentic and a keeper of history. I’m interested in the genuine article – the original object.

What's one song you have completely memorized?

Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

What is something-big or small-you are really good at?

Paying Attention

What is your favorite quotation of all time?

"Everything Changes. Everything is Connected. Pay Attention"
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