Metalsmith magazine Vol 27 No 3 (2007)

Features: Klaus Burgel’s Calculus of the Heart by Patricia Harris & David Lyon Robert Ebendorf’s Pilgrimage to Paradox by Glen R. Brown Svetozar and Ruth Radakovich: Love in Three Dimensions by Toni Greenbaum Metal Clay: On the Cusp by Donald…

Metalsmith magazine Vol 27 No 2 (2007)

Features: Kiff Slemmons’ Objects of Performance by Tacey A. Rosolowski A Fruitful Patience: The Work of Kye-yeon Son by Barbara Isherwood Marvin Jensen: In a Forest of Questions by Kate Dobbs Ariail Brent Kington: Expression and Myth by Matthew Kangas…

Metalsmith magazine Vol 26 No 5 (2006)

Features: Over the Top: Contemporary Objets de Vertu by Andrea DiNoto Between Whimsy and Gravity: The Sculpture of David Smith by David Cohen Merrily Tompkins: Over Yonder by Ben Mitchell Magazine condition: Fine/Like New. No defects, little usage.

Metalsmith magazine Vol 26 No 2 (summer 2006)

Features: What the Body Knows: The Evolution of Heather White van Stolk by Patricia Harris and David Lyon Bettina Speckner: Deliberations and Negotiations by Kate Wagle Charles Loloma: Hopi Modernist by Ellen Berkovitch

Metalsmith magazine Exhibition in Print 2005 (Vol 25 No 4)

“Flatware: Function + Fantasy” Curated by Boris Bally and Rosanne Raab. Features the work of 42 artists, all created around the theme of table settings. This work was exhibited at SOFA Chicago in October 2005. Boris Bally is a metalsmith…

Metalsmith magazine Vol 21 No 1 (winter 2001)

Features: The Work of Todd Reed Intervening in Amnesia: Jan Yager’s Mnemonic Adornment by Tacey Rosolowski What’s New in (Very) Old Gold? Robert Baines Shows All by Marjorie Simon The Value of Wood and Nickels – Jewelry by Kathy Buszkiewicz…

Metalsmith magazine Vol 20 No 5 (fall 2000)

Twentieth Anniversary Issue Features: The Work of Ken Raible The Cultural Journey of Eun-Mee Chung by Robert Griffith The Golden Age of Helmets by Lanie Lee The Fortuitous Encounters of David Damkoehler by Frank C. Lewis Metalsmith Twentieth Anniversary by…

Metalsmith magazine Exhibition in Print 1999 (Vol 19 No 4)

“Metalsmith Sculpture” Curated by Christine Clark and Jane Kyle, with a focus on sculpture. Includes the essays “Continuing the Tradition” by Clark and “Worth It: Metalsmith Sculpture in 1999” by Kyle. Magazine condition: Good. The average used book with all…

Metalsmith magazine Exhibition in Print 1998 (Vol 18 No 4)

Juried by Lane Coulter and Barbara Jordan, includes work by 40 artists and essays by the jurors. Magazine condition: Good. The average used book with all pages present. May have loose bindings, worn cover, etc.

Metalsmith magazine Vol 18 No 3 (summer 1998)

Features: Paul Feher 1898-1990 – Master Ironwork Designer by Joan Kahr Kate Wagle: Signs and Memory by Lois Allan David Monette and Tami Dean: Harmonic Collaboration by Gary Dawson Observations: Julia Jiannacopoulos by Michal Ann Carley

Metalsmith magazine Exhibition in Print 1997 (Vol 17 No 4)

Studio Multiples Curated by Donald Friedlich and Bruce Metcalf. All work selected had to have been produced a minimum of five times in a small studio setting and original to the artist. Includes the essays “Production Metalwork Today” by Friedlich…

Metalsmith magazine Vol 17 No 2 (spring 1997)

Features: Julie Mihalisin’s Marriage of Metal and Glass by Karen S. Chambers Silver and Electrum by James B. Evans Observations: Bill Ruth and Susan Mahlstedt Charcoal Dust Bluing by Larry Niday

Metalsmith magazine Exhibition in Print 1996 (Vol 16 No 4)

Juried by Gaza Bowen, Pat Flynn, and Janet Koplos. With the essay “Ins and Outs” by Janet Koplos

Metalsmith magazine Vol 16 No 3 (summer 1996)

Features: Perfect Paradox: The Jewelry of Tone Vigeland by Toni Greenbaum Linda MacNeil: A Detailed Look by Karen S. Chambers Observations: Ben Cunningham As Large as Life: The Work of Lori Talcott by Dana Standish Magazine condition: Good. The average…

Metalsmith magazine Vol 16 No 2 (spring 1996)

Features: Ross Palmer Beecher: Exploring American Myths by Matthew Kangas Boris Bally: Expecting the Unexpected by Bruce Pepich Observations: Andrew Cooperman by Megan Corwin Pierre Degen Plays by His Own Rules by Karen Chambers Magazine condition: Very Good. Shows some…

Metalsmith magazine Vol 16 No 1 (winter 1996)

Features: Marcia Bruno: Exploring the Fluidity of Tension by Dana Standish The Visual Articulations of Donald Friedlich by Claire Dinsmore Observations – Bettina Dittlmann: The Power of Subtlety by Donald Friedlich Jonathan Bonner’s Conjunctions: Art and Science, Form and Function…

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