Metalsmith Tech

Metalsmith Tech magazine Vol 1 No 1 (spring 2018)

This is the first issue of SNAG’s Metalsmith Tech, a biannual publication that aims to be a resource for everyone interested in making a live in jewelry and metals. Features: Starting Your Studio for $500 or Less by Dianne deBeixedon…

Metalsmith Tech magazine Vol 1 No 2 (fall 2018)

Features: Polishing to Perfection by Martha Glenny Precision Pulse Arc Welding and Traditional Torch Soldering: A Complementary Relationship by Jeff Georgantes Digital Meets Handmade by Troy Richards & Wendy Yothers Magazine condition: Fine/Like New. No defects, little usage.

Metalsmith Tech magazine Vol 2 No 1 (spring 2019)

Features: Hidden Powers: Putting Clasps at the Center of Jewelry by Anna Tabakhova & Alison Antelman Translating Jewelry Techniques to Larger Scales by Victoria Lansford Utilizing Digital Processes for Layout and Design Transfer by Frankie Flood Magazine condition: Fine/Like New….

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