Little Dipper


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Alaine Hutson

Ursa Minor is the Little Dipper. The North Star or Polaris is at the top of it’s handle. The North Star has been a beacon of Freedom and hope in African American History. The star by which Harriet Tubman and others navigated their way to freedom, the name of Fredrick Douglas’ abolition newspaper, the top ranking priority of one’s moral compass. Looking at the stars reminds us “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Dr. Rev. MLK, Jr.

Materials: 18K rose gold, triplet of aquamarine “obsidian,” black mother of Pearl and black obsidian, 6 rhodolite garnets and 1 Welo dark Ethiopian Opal

Dimensions: 1.25 W x 3 L x .5 D inches



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