Metalsmith magazine Exhibition in Print 2017 (Vol 37 No 4)


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Repair and Renewal: Making Things Whole Again

Guest curated by Stuart Kestenbaum.

Soon after humans began making things, they began to repair them. In today’s high-tech world—where it’s challenging just to open up malfunctioning electronics, and it often costs more to repair than to buy a new product—the tradition and capacity for restoration has declined in our lives. This reparative spirit is still present among people who actually make things, however.

Besides prolonging the life of the object, repair also speaks to our yearning to make things right again, to make things whole. Repairing is more than fixing—it’s a metaphorical way to look at the role of makers. When we repair things, are we also fixing ourselves?  Can giving renewed life to objects and materials—perhaps ones that have had other functions—renew us as well?  How does the world look when we say that what is broken can be made whole again, using ingenuity and imagination?

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