Raffle: Kelly Jean Conroy “& to hold” Necklace

Throughout 2023 SNAG is hosting a variety of month-long raffles to support our infrastructure and operations. This is the perfect opportunity to show your support and enter to win incredible artwork, tools, gift certificates and more.

For the month of June, artist Kelly Jean Conroy has donated an exclusive engraved Lapis Lazuli necklace to our raffle. Conroy created this necklace specifically for our community of makers, utilizing sketches of various hands including her own to illustrate a cycle of creation and care. "& to hold" is valued at $2,000.

Don’t miss your chance to collect her work. Single raffle tickets start at $20 or you can purchase a bundle of 6 tickets for $100. There’s no limit to the number of raffle tickets purchased!

This raffle is perfect for anyone looking to grow their art collection and fans of Conroy’s work. The raffles closes on July 12th and the winner will be chosen on July 13th.

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Kelly Jean Conroy is an artist currently working and teaching in Massachusetts. Raised by an artist mother and engineer father, who both emphasized making and painting, Conroy's work focuses on life cycles in nature within a jewelry format. Her specialties are enameling, working with natural materials: carving bone, piercing mother of pearl, laser cutting, and casting.

I see my jewelry as layered paintings- collages with dimensional elements that allude to a story. The stories are about loss, something that touches us all eventually, but also about the beauty of life. If I can make death and the subsequent feeling of loss something beautiful, I can soothe my fear of future loss. We all carry these experiences of life and loss within the inner layers of our being, and I see my necklaces as a way to wear these moments on one’s outer layer.
I created this piece for SNAG for their June Fundraiser, knowing the audience would be my fellow makers.  As a community of makers, our hands are our most critical and essential tool.  Not only are they the objects that help us create, they help care for those around us, to show tenderness, to signal to others what we need.  I have taken my own sketches of various hands, including my own, and etched them onto oval matte finish lapis lazuli to illustrate a cycle of creation and care.

–Kelly Jean Conroy

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