James Thurman

Technical Article: “Metal Millefiori” by James Thurman

James Thurman has served as Editor for SNAG’s Technical Articles for the past five years, and has been an occasional author. In this article he shares some experiments that he has been doing for the past several years, inspired by the unique and innovative work of Ken Cory.

Technical Article: “Small-Scale Metal Spinning” by James Thurman

James Thurman first became aware of metal spinning almost twenty years ago, and has been transfixed by its rapid demonstration of the plasticity of metal. This article is based on small-scale metal spinning pieces that Thurman created for the Pin Swap at the 2010 SNAG Conference in Houston, Texas.

“Thurmanite®: What is it and Why Should You Care?”

More than ten years ago, I began experimenting with the combination of paper and resin, which would ultimately become the material I have somewhat humorously named “Thurmanite®.” (Previously, I had referred to the material as “mokume-kami” but after numerous misunderstandings about the origin of the process/material, I decided to change it. In May 2012, the trademark of the material was finally approved!)

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