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A Survey of Hydraulic Forming Techniques in Metalsmithing

John Sartin will present a number of hydraulic forming techniques with examples of how these techniques are used in manufacturing jewelry and hollow form pieces

John Sartin | In the jewelry industry since 1996
Expertise: hand fabrication, forming, forging, soldering, stone setting, surface finishes

John Sartin is an award-winning jewelry artist whose work has been featured in Art Jewelry and Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazines, and Lark books’ 30-Minute series. He is also the author of The Complete Photo Guide to Making Metal Jewelry and has spent over a decade selling his work at art shows, festivals and galleries throughout the country. He uses his expertise in hand fabrication, forming, forging, soldering, stone-setting and surface finishes to help jewelers solve problems that arise while working with metal. His favorite thing about being a member of the Jewelry Tech Team is having the opportunity to pass decades of knowledge onto like-minded people about the subjects he’s most passionate about.

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