SNAG Conference

Demonstrations: Matthieu Cheminée presents

Matthieu Cheminée shares demonstrations on filigree by Guinean jeweler Ibrahima Condé, the making of a gold-plated biconical pendant by Modou Fall Tall from Senegal, casting with Tuareg jeweler Ghabda Oummama and other crafts from artisans in Niger. He’ll also touch on his experience working with jewelers in West Africa and how these collaborations transpired.

Presentations, followed by Q&A, will take place on the Main Stage.


Inadan, the Mastery of Tuareg Artisans, written by Matthieu Cheminée and published by Schiffer Books.


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Saturday September 30th

Matthieu Cheminée

At 19 Matthieu Cheminée moved from Paris to New Mexico, where for seven years he learned jewellery techniques. He immediately took to stamping, a technique…

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