SNAG Conference

Demos #2

2 30-minute process/methods demos

Joy Fire | Foil, Glass, and Metal: Linking multiple materials and repurposing techniques
I began working with stained glass to play with color, which my primary medium of steel does not readily offer. Realizing the materials were more similar than I thought, I began exploring how to combine them. In this presentation I will share techniques to combine glass and steel, linking two very different materials to create something new and exciting. Whether or not you ever use the specific materials, this demonstration will encourage you to play and explore in whatever work you pursue.

Ana María Jiménez | Demonstration Volver al proceso
The demonstration will showcase practical work on “Return to the Process” research techniques. Live silver ingot hammering with stone tools will illustrate its transformation. The different stages of clay molds and lost wax will be displayed. A video snippet will also highlight torchless casting on a Guaira (Pre-Hispanic furnace).


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Saturday June 8th

Ana María Jiménez

Ana María Jiménez is a plastic artist, jeweler, and architect. Her creative space, Taller sin Borde, serves as a laboratory for exploring the interplay between…


Joy Fire

Joy has been working with metal for over a decade. She runs her own shop where she takes commissions and forges her own designs. Her…

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