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Early Career Artists

Early Career Artist presentations are an opportunity for SNAG to introduce emerging artists and their work to a wider audience.  Presenters will each give a brief, inspirational talk about their work and career.

Colectiva Tilde | Rizoma: broadening our community thru connections
In an increasingly globalized world, it is crucial for artists to connect across borders and share their unique perspectives and experiences. Contemporary jewelry is no exception, as it provides a medium for self-expression and cultural exploration. This presentation aims to share our perspectives, four Latin American women living in the borderlands of Mexico and the United States who have come together to forge connections within the contemporary jewelry field.

J Taran Diamond | Pretending, Performing
In this talk, J Taran Diamond will discuss her studio practice and the way that she projects queer identity and experiences onto jewelry objects by manipulating the qualities of preciousness and commonness. What we look like informs how we understand what we are, and Diamond will discuss the ways she feels that statement applies to material objects as well.

Oi Ying Valerie Ho | Jewelry as Protest: Unconventional Forms of Defiance and Non-Verbal Resistance in the Suppressive Political Environment of Hong Kong
In response to the 2020 National Security Law in Hong Kong, amidst this surveillance net of invisible political red lines, citizens hesitate to voice dissent, fearing government censorship. Presented by an artist working abroad, the concept envisions a visual protest system with wearable objects for key protest figures. This intervention strategy incorporates satirical and popularized coded symbols, allowing individuals to safely confront power without compromising security.

Ger Xiong/Ntxawg Xyooj | Re/connections
“re/connections” considers the ways Xiong/Xyooj navigates and negotiates his cultural identity from history of colonization, displacement, erasure, and loss through his Hmong American experience. He uses metals and jewelry and textiles as a way to reconnect and reclaim his Hmong roots and culture while living within a dominant space. His research includes his travels to Thailand during his Fulbright Fellowship documenting and working with Hmong artists.


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Friday June 7th

Colectiva Tilde

Colectiva Tilde was formed virtually in March 2020 at the start of the pandemic. We are currently four Spanish-speaking artists from Latin America and the…


J Taran Diamond

J Taran Diamond is a metalsmith and craft educator based in Baltimore, Maryland. Diamond holds an MFA from the University of Georgia, in addition to…


Oi Ying Valerie Ho

Valerie Ho is a jeweler born and raised in Hong Kong, received her MFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from the Rhode Island School of Design…


Ger Xiong/Ntxawg Xyooj

Ger Xiong/Ntxawg Xyooj was born in Thailand and immigrated to the US in 1993 as a refugee of the Vietnam War. He received his BFA…

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