SNAG Conference

Expanding Practices: Sustainability, Ethical Sourcing, and Professionalism

Evolving from the Education Dialogue, presenters share insight and information meant to deepen and widen aspects of creative practice.

Curtis Hidemasa Arima + Russell Larman | The Intersection of Sustainability and DEIB in Jewelry and Metal Arts
Curtis Hidemasa Arima and Russel Larman will use their work at CCA to share an example of how a program can make shifts to champion for more sustainable practices and support an inclusive environment. Topics will include infrastructure/studio operations, curriculum/pedagogy, and community engagement. Discussions with participants will help to identify challenges, concerns, and questions to build opportunities for change.

Christina Malle, Ethical Metalsmiths

Nora McCarthy | Provenance, Professionalism and Profit
Highlighting the importance of knowing the provenance of a particular object either by the inscribed makers mark on the object itself, by labels crediting the maker in adjacent signage or in the form of captions/copy for photography, and how we all stand to profit from giving proper credit where credit is due.

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Saturday June 8th

Curtis Hidemasa Arima

Curtis Hidemasa Arima is a metalsmith who is drawn to the transformative nature of materials and how they hold memory, emotion, and history. He has…


Russell Larman

Russell earned a BFA degree in Jewelry/Metal Arts from CCA in 2008 and worked as a Goldsmith for more than 10 years before re-joining the…


Nora McCarthy

Nora McCarthy is the Owner and Director of Gallery 2052, where she maintains collections by over thirty Artists in the showroom, with an additional rotating…

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