SNAG Conference

Keynote Presentation – Erica Moody

Erica Moody – Forgings and Findings

Erica will reflect on her path in her 29+ year metalcraft career, including some thoughts behind her decisions & aspirations. Her work has spanned from the larger custom metal fabrication world to smaller benchwork making utensils. This ranges from welding a 1” thick stainless steel stairway for a guest loft, to riveting tiny 1/16” brass rivets in a small handworked spoon handle. She’ll share her thoughts from this perspective on metal craft itself and its intrigue for the maker and the user.

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Erica Moody

Erica Moody is a metal craftsman working in midcoast Maine, where she cultivates her line of forged and fabricated serving utensils, and continues her craft’s…

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