SNAG Conference

Live Demonstrations

Intuitive Engraving with Valerie James
Engraving demands patience and concentration. However, the effort required is more than justified by the intricate detail it produces. In this brief introduction, we will explore traditional engraving tools and techniques while considering their applications within a contemporary practice. Both gestural mark-making and precision drawing can be incredibly useful tools for those interested in this rewarding skill.

A Trial and Error Approach to Color with Leslie Shershow
A practical exploration of novel approaches to color and surface application.

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Main Stage
Ballroom D-E

Valerie James

Valerie James is an artist based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She received her BFA in 2016 and continued her studies, earning an MFA in Jewelry and…


Leslie Shershow

Leslie Shershow received her BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and her MFA from San Diego State University. Most recently, she has…

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