SNAG Conference

Meeting Points: Community Engagement

Gallerist and Educator Kendall Reiss and Associate Director of the Steel Yard and jeweler Islay Taylor in conversation about how an engaged creative practice can strengthen community bonds, challenge societal views, and foster learning and understanding. They will address ways in which an artist can locate their work in the public realm, how to listen and learn from your community, how organizations might hold space for community members, and how artistic practice can act as a catalyst for community-centered initiatives.

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Main Stage
Ballroom D-E

Kendall Reiss

Kendall Reiss grew up exploring the rocky shoreline of Narragansett Bay. She earned a BS in Geology from Dickinson College in 2006, and a MFA…


Islay Taylor

Islay Taylor lives and works in Providence, RI. She is the Associate Director at The Steel Yard, and has over 15 years of non-profit experience….

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