SNAG Conference

Meeting Points: Linking Community

Presentations that explore the potential for creative practice to nurture and empower community.

Sugandha Gupta: Interdependence in Design
This presentation highlights some of the ways in which interdependence and care practices within the disability community lend to innovative design. Borrowing from my own experience as an artist, designer, educator, and disability advocate, I will share how interdependence and collaboration plays an important role in thoughtful design and art creation.

Jess Tolbert | drifters: along, across, and among
Jess Tolbert will highlight unique collaborative creative practices and processes in the borderlands, and how engaging along, across, and amongst border region communities transforms ways of thinking and making. Jess will explore the many ways their drive to connect shapes a practice drifting between diverse roles – as maker, mentor, curator, collaborator, and neighbor – each informing and enriching the other.

Ingrid Valou | Forging community on unceded lands
What does it take to build a safe, inspiring and exciting shared space in which to create and advance jewellery art? And how do we share this blueprint with other communities? For the past 3 years, Vancouver Metal Arts Association VMAA has explored what it takes to build a jewellery and metal arts hub – on unceded lands – in one of the world’s most expensive cities. In her presentation, Ingrid will share insights on the feasibility of this vision, the links VMAA forged through dialogue and collaboration, and the road ahead.

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Friday June 7th

Sugandha Gupta

Sugandha Gupta is the Assistant Professor of Fashion Design and Social Justice at Parsons School of Design. Her multi-sensory textiles engage audiences through their senses….


Jess Tollbert

Jess Tolbert is an artist, curator, and educator based in El Paso, Texas. They received both their MFA and BFA with a focus in jewelry…


Ingrid Valou

Ingrid Valou is a queer multidisciplinary artist, community advocate, and economic development pro who has served as President of the Vancouver Metal Arts Association (VMAA)…

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