Trunk Show

Leslie Shershow

Luminescent earrings and brooches with a variety of color-changing effects.

Jason Stein Metals

Hand-carved and cast jewelry inspired by organic textures and Brutalist design set with semi-precious gemstones and recycled diamonds.

Aina Sullivan

Mercury Swift

Visions of eternal flow and it’s relationship to the now — captured in glass, metals, and synthetics.

naiad jewels

Cast and fabricated earrings and pendants of sterling silver, natural stone, and/or recycled materials. Work by Sarah Wheaton.

Mary Kay Witmer

Experimental reflections of nature in jewelry designs. Water castings, sterling silver, vitreous enamels and a spritz of powder-coat.

Sweet Tooth Designs

Hand-pierced lace jewelry made in oiled mild steel, silver, and other precious metals. Work by April Wood.

Kelly Ann Temple

Powder coated earrings, necklaces and pins inspired by Victorian medical environments and modern interactions.

Lynn Latta

Porcelain is used to create thrown and hand formed pieces which are set with sterling silver.

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