NomineeMarzieh Aghasi
Nominee PronounsMarzieh Aghasi
Nominee Phone(604) 365-9020
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Nominee Addressunit4-3552 Victoria Drive
Coquitlam, BC V3EON7
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Nominee Websitehttp://
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Describe how the nominee fulfills the criteria for the IMPACT Award. Maximum 5000 characters.

The artist, a jeweler and jewelry designer has an impressive background that makes her a
strong candidate for the award. As a mother of two, her work embodies precision, peace, and
prosperity, themes deeply rooted in her personal experiences. With awards from Iran and Italy,
her designs have been recognized for their unique ability to capture and celebrate women's
lives and stories.
Her journey from Iran to Canada has infused her work with a rich blend of cultural influences,
making each piece a testament to diversity and the universal experiences of women. This
unique perspective has not only earned her international accolades but also deeply resonates
with those who encounter her work, highlighting the power of jewelry to connect and
communicate across cultures.
Applying for this award, she brings not just her skills and creativity, but a vision that transcends
traditional jewelry design. Her commitment to using her art to bridge cultural divides and to tell
stories of empowerment and unity positions her as an exemplary candidate for recognition.
In essence, her blend of cultural heritage, artistic innovation, and dedication to meaningful
storytelling through her jewelry designs makes her a deserving recipient of this prestigious

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