NomineeAntonia Pinter
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Los Angeles, CA 90032
United States
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I started working with metal in 2020 with no formal training. In school I studied primarily printmaking. My work has always been very grounded in the material I am working with, and having found wax and metal casting I feel like I’ve found my home within my practice. I started by sculpting rings out of wax and grew from there. I use the same wax sculptural techniques that I use in my jewelry for my larger sculptural works. I developed a method of “scraping” hot wax onto smaller bits to create a lumpy mottled texture, which gives the feeling of a style I call “goblin baroque.” Goblin baroque is a nod to ancient styles but with a sculptural skewing of baroque or other ancient European styles. My sculptural style/tendencies have a specific feel to them, slightly dark without going over the top. I also am always pushing what I can do within the technical confines of casting, pushing scale, and the use of delicate line work, pushing wax to its limit of weight and strength before casting. My work is unique to me, and I believe I’ve found a sculptural language unlike any other, and I use different casting methods (both lost wax and sand casting) in ways that push what these techniques can do.

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