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Christine Dwane, a well-known jeweller and educator based in Montreal, began her career over 30 years ago in 1992. Also formally trained as a gemmologist, Christine has focused on ethical and sustainable practices in the jewellery business in recent years. Describing her focuses in her practice, to quote the about section of “her main objective is to advance her art and share her knowledge in the sciences of metallurgy and gemmology as well as to inform her students about the dire issues of sustainability in the jewellery industry.” Further, “2016 was a highlight in her teaching profession as she won the Niche award – Educator of the Year for North America. Christine has since developed a course on sustainable practices in jewellery making and offers training both in English and French to jewellers in North America as well as internationally.”
Christine’s interest in sustainability in the jewellery industry and award-winning initiative in creating courses to share what she has researched and learned with other jewellers is closely aligned with SNAG’s Mission and Vision Statement. She is dedicated, informative, innovative and inclusive in her work. With her training in both traditional jewellery and gemmology, Christine shows a love of learning which she has been sharing with students all over the world. Her research into sustainable and ethical jewellery practices shows initiative in learning and transmitting knowledge about innovative issues in the jewellery community.

Christine has an innovative body of work that addresses current issues. She shows a commitment to socially responsible practice and sustainability and is also innovative in her creations. A member of the ethical jewellery movement, Christine is also, involved in the Ethical Metalsmiths Association; an organization whose mission is to promote responsible jewellery practices through education, connection and action.

Christine won first prize in the prestigious 100 Fairmined Challenge in the Best Silver Collection category (2022) showing her ring sets, “Cross the “t’s” (stainless steel and fairmined sterling silver) (image no. 1) and “Cross the “I’s” (stainless steel and fairmined sterling silver) (image no. 2). Pieces such as her Pink (Reclaimed aluminum wrappers, pink sapphires, sterling silver and gold) (image no. 3) and Titanium and carbon fibre band (responsibly sourced titanium with reclaimed carbon fibre and 14kt gold bolts) (image no. 4) show her pushing the envelope of what is possible in the art of jewellery. Each of these pieces are remarkable in production. Using alternative materials such as aluminum wrappers as well as ethical and sustainable materials like responsibly sourced titanium, reclaimed carbon fibre materials, stainless steel and fairmined sterling silver again show her commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Christine is committed teacher and mentor. The Niche teaching award for Educator of the Year for North America that she won in 2016 was a highlight in her teaching career. And mentoring two students, Jade Pauzé and Gabrielle Desmarais through the Young Entrepreneur Project shows that she is engaged in sharing her skills and knowledge to the community, both locally and internationally. Christine’s gemmology degree provides her the ability to pass the knowledge of how to responsibly source gemstones to her students.

Montreal based jeweler Christine Dwane is an excellent candidate for the 1st annual SNAG Impact Award. Since childhood she has been interested in nature. Christine recalls writing a story in grade school about elves who lived in the base of a tree who heard thunder. Realizing it was the sound of lumberjacks cutting down the trees in their forest, the elves had to find a way to communicate with the lumberjacks to ask them to stop. Christine has always been concerned with the natural environment; she revives her spirit being outdoors. Operating in a quest for excellence, the importance of innovation, dedication to conservation sustainability and ethical practices, Christine is informative, innovative and inclusive in her work and role as a jeweller as well as a jewellery and gemmology teacher.

BOOKS AND PUBLICATIONS: a selective bibliography
• Ethical Jewellery and Responsible Jewellery Practices (release date: 2024)
• Les Gemmes et leurs Traitements : conseils pour les bijoutiers et leurs clients (2023)
• “Circular systems of economy : Values creating value” in Jewellery Business (2021)

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