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Arthur Hash has been practicing at the edge of craft and technology since 2005. Starting long before digital drawing software and digital output hardware were widely embraced Hash has seamlessly found opportunities to integrate the digital into both traditional handmaking processes and as well as test the boundaries and potential of modern technologies. Hash was one of the first artists to experiment widely with laser cutting and engraving technologies, is an expert in CAD drawing and 3d printing, and has used CNC printing, routing, and milling in innovative ways for tool making, the creation of one-of-a-kind artwork, limited production, display and packaging fabrication, and studio tool repair and innovation. An early example of his use of laser cutting and engraving technologies is his Silhouette Series, 2005–present (Hash_broochinstall_2005.jpg). For his thesis exhibition, Hash made detailed vector-drawn tracings using snapshots of friends and family to create a large-scale installation of black steel silhouettes. Extracted from their contexts the grouping simultaneously points to our contemporary relationship to portraiture and image-making as well as nods to the use of the silhouette in studio craft and historical paper cuts. Hash used the mechanical advantage of the laser to produce an impressive quantity of custom, precision steel parts in a short period, with far less physical effort than hand cutting, with minimal material waste due to the ability to nest the parts tightly together. Following this work, Hash began a series of long-term experiments using the laser to make tooling for hydraulic forming, to create precise perforations in metal for folding complex three-dimensional forms exemplified by his Fold-Up Series Bracelet, made from laser cut, tig welded steel and powder coat from 2009 (Hash_Laser-Alum-2009). This work was followed by countless experiments in marking enameled surfaces such as Champleve Brooch, from 2010 (electrolytically etched copper, enamel inlay, copper and laser engraved enamel), Peanut Brooch, 2012 (14k yellow gold, stainless steel, copper and laser engraved enamel), and the Forced Perspective Series Brooches (stainless steel, sterling silver, copper and laser engraved enamel), 2012-2013 (Hash_laser_engrave_brooches_2010-13.jpg). Since the mid-aughts through the teens and twenties, Hash has made impressive use of the full spectrum of CAD/CAM tooling in his craft-based studio practice. Examples included here are his use of 3D scanning and digital slicing (Hash_3D scanrings.jpg) from 2013-14, and his impressive use of advanced drawing software and 3D printing from 2019 (Hash_Heartvalve.jpg).

And while Arthur Hash is not the first or only person to push on the boundaries of craft and the use of digital tooling, he has made exemplary contributions to the field of jewelry and metalwork through his philosophy of radical candor. Using social media platforms and his website Arthur has documented countless processes, shown technical software and hardware tests and experiments, shared his insights and advice, and built a following of digital-curious craftspeople and artists from all disciplines. Hash’s true impact is in his embrace and practice of the open-source social movement, which rejects secrecy and centralized control of creative work in favor of decentralization, transparency, and unrestricted sharing of information. In perfect alignment with the mission of SNAG, Hash embodies the practice of fostering community and encouraging education by making his process available to all through multi-platform dissemination, his willingness to share information and help others, and his clear trajectory of innovation that both challenges and honors the traditions of our field. This clearly demonstrates a significant impact in the area of technical and creative innovations.

Hash has been employed by the most influential educational institutions in the country, where he played a key role in creating and integrating digital fabrication curricula into craft, design, and art educational programs. In doing so he positively impacted the career trajectories of countless students. Since leaving academia in 2019 Hash has continued to share his expertise through TicTok, Instagram, and X. As a CAD modeler for prominent fine jewelers he has given his audience insight into industry standards and innovations. Through his platforms, he has shared glimpses of incredible projects such as working on the 2024 Kentucky Derby trophy, as well as more lighthearted and everyday wonders like 3d printing kitchen drawer organizers and making his own pastrami. Arthur Hash has and will continue to make a positive impact on the field for many years to come, and deserves recognition for his many contributions.

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