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United States
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I am pleased to nominate Bryan Parnham for the SNAG Impact Award in recognition of his groundbreaking contributions to the field of jewelry making and his exceptional generosity in sharing his innovative techniques with the jewelry and metalwork community.

Bryan Parnham stands out as a visionary jeweler and artist whose mastery of photopolymer resist etching has resulted in a transformational use of the technique in his own work. Through his ingenious custom-adapted process, Parnham achieves unparalleled levels of photorealistic perspectival illusion in his creations, pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the medium. His jewelry pieces not only dazzle and confound the eye but also captivate the imagination, inviting viewers to explore the intersection of image and craftsmanship. His commitment to fine craft has been recognized by his recent win of the Art Jewelry Forum Young Artist Award.

I first came across his work at Penland where Parnham was a core fellow (2015-16)and then again at the Pentaculum residency at Arrowmont (2017) . At the time he was complex patterns onto etching silver and creating very complex scored and bent hollow forms (Parnham_Icosahedron Pearls_2017-18). At that time, I was impressed with his methodical approach and high standards of craftsmanship. Since then, we have crossed paths several times, and I have watched his ambitious work develop via Instagram. Not satisfied with the results from commonly used etching resists, Parnham has truly made a technical innovation for our field in which excellent image transfer is possible. This is exemplified by the work that AJF recognized as worthy of recognition, such as Impure Seduction (photo-etched sterling silver, nail polish, stainless steel) from 2024, Punctum (Lightswitch), (photo-etched sterling silver, nail polish, stainless steel) from 2023, and many others.

What truly sets Parnham apart is not only his remarkable technical skill but also his unwavering commitment to sharing his knowledge with others. Through his contributions to Metalsmith Magazine articles, workshops, and free online handouts, Parnham has become a beacon of inspiration for aspiring jewelers. His willingness to demystify his innovative process and empower fellow artisans speaks volumes about his generous spirit and dedication to advancing the art form. Parnham's impact extends far beyond the confines of his own studio, enriching the entire jewelry community with his creativity, expertise, and passion. By honoring him with the SNAG Impact Award, we not only celebrate his individual achievements but also acknowledge the profound influence he has the potential to have on contemporary jewelry making.

In conclusion, Bryan Parnham exemplifies the spirit of innovation, generosity, and excellence that the SNAG Impact Award seeks to honor. His pioneering work in photopolymer resist etching and his dedication to sharing his expertise make him a truly deserving recipient of this prestigious accolade.

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