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Thomas Mann has been a fulltime practicing professional METAL artist since 1970. In addition to his meaningful and inspired and vast (body of work), there is an expanse of individuals and organizations where he has left a unique and lasting mark. Within Tom’s drive to create, is an energizing and guiding spirit* that expresses itself wherever Tom chooses to focus his creative energy, whether that is TEACHING, DESIGNING & FABRICATING, WRITING, or through his PHILANTHROPIC & BUSINESS practices. Thomas believes that artists, at best, are here to manifest for others what they are challenged to manifest for themselves. Highlights of successes for each area of creative focus are detailed below. An undeniable joyful empowerment could be one way to summarize his IMPACT. *This same spirit is thereby within the objects he creates.

Tom has always had an interest in instructing people in jewelry making skills, starting with his first apprentice in the summer of 1969. Since then, he has employed over 600 people, 450 of whom were trained to make jewelry for him, many of whom are now competing with him professionally.

Design for Survival™ - Entrepreneurial Thinking & Tactics for Artists was the first professional workshop he taugh at the Penland School in North Carolina in 1989. He’s been invited back to teach that class there on two other occasions, the most recent in 2017. As well, he’s conducted that workshop many of major craft schools, colleges, universities and art center in the US.

He’s done Design for Survival™, as a Lecture Workshop for artists on numerous occasions as well, for ACNO, the Arts Council New Orleans, the Tennessee Artisans Association, Penn State University, and other similar entities somewhere in the country, and in the world throughout his career, including Japan, Australia and Canada.

He began teaching hands-on workshops in the late 90s which eventually led to opening of studioFLUX™, his own workshop system and studio in the building he developed in New Orleans that also housed Gallery I/O and our production studios. Then for the next 15 years he traveled widely to teach hands-on classes all around the US and on three occasions in Australia.

And while most of the hands-on classes are for adults, he has also been teaching classes for kids. For instance, whenever he gives an adult workshop in a city that has a high school jewelry making program he offers to come in and do a free Learn to Saw™ class for those groups. This has happened on numerous occasions over the years for High Schools in Pennsylvania,New Jersey, Wisconsin and California.

Locally here in New Orleans, he’s conducted workshops for a non-profit arts organization, known as UPturn Arts where he planned and staged a metalsmithing class for 35 7th & 8th graders, were they participated in constructing an flier di lis assemblage of metal tile elements, utilizing a variety of metalsmithing techniques to create a large wall piece that was then auctioned off as fund raiser for the organization. Then there was Bricolage Academy, where he did the same thing, but this time with kids who were 2nd and 3rd graders! As studioFLUX we’ve done the local MAKER Fair where he’s taught four and five-year-old kids to use the jewelers saw, and they did really good with it, amazingly!

Our staff has always been intentionally multi-cultural and multi-racial. And always supportive, for 45 years of beneficial public non-profits.

He has served on the boards of Directors of the ACC American Crafts Council (1989-93) worked on the craft fair committee and where he instrumental in promoting the hiring of the first craft school administrator (Hunter Kariher) to become the Executive Director of the organization. SNAG (2000-04) where as a member of the website committee, he researched website construction and invented the fund raising program Buy a Pixel that funded for the first SNAG website. On the board of the CAC, the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, and as a founding member of SLAM, the Society of Louisiana Artists in Metal, he staged several exhibitions in an unused space in the CAC building to foster the development of a Café Bookstore…that cafe when developed two years later, continues to the present. He served on the board of Planed Parenthood LA for 6 years working on fundraising.

He has designed fund raising jewelry objects for local and national nonprofits. The principle recipient of this service has been CERF, the Craft Emergency Relief Fund, with whom he has had a 30 year relationship and Planned Parenthood LA, most recentlyin2023, with the 16th pin design for the organization.

He did the same for the New Orleans Public Library system which struggled to recover from devastating damage to their library buildings after Hurricane Katrina. And, please know that when our company does this we always take out our profit margin so the organization can maximize their income from the sale of th

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