Aaron McNair

Aaron McNair is an artist that specializes in metalsmithing. He often uses historical references and fantasy as the start point to make his art. In the summer 2022 his art was show as a part of the Juried Student Exhibition for the Society of National American Goldsmiths Conference in Road Island. In the Spring of 2023 Aaron was award with the Undergraduate Research Fellowship Grant form Texas State University to help fund his thesis project. He has had his thesis exhibition show this April in the Texas State Gallery. Aaron lives in San Marcos and is going to graduate with a BFA in Metals at Texas State University later this May.



Date of Creation: April 22, 2023

List of Materials: Brass, Bronze, Leather, and Powder coat

Dimensions: 42 x 25 x 8 Inches

Photographer's Name: Aaron McNair

Conceptual Statement: I am half Mexican, but I grew up in Wisconsin where I was isolated from the customs and traditions that are significant in most Mexican American communities. I used the making of this piece as a way to explore my heritage and more specifically the Aztecs which I am a descendent of. There is so little information on the Aztecs because of the brutal colonization of South America but what we still have is show that the Aztecs are much more than what we are often led to believe. That complexity is what I drew inspiration from while making this work.

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