Alessandra Lara

Alessandra Lara is a third-year Graphic Design student at San Diego State University. Lara’s parents were born in Sinaloa, Mexico, and later moved to Tijuana, Mexico. As a first-generation Mexican-American, living in San Diego is of great importance. Remaining in close proximity to the U.S/Mexican border, allows her to frequently visit her family in Mexico, and relate to both Mexican and American cultures. She has always expressed an interest in the arts, more specifically, 2D visual art and digital design. Lara has recently been exposed to the craft world and developed an interest in jewelry and metals. She enjoys exploring ways in which her 2D work can be translated into timeless, personal, pieces of jewelry.



Date of Creation: February 28, 2023

List of Materials: Watercolor paper, sewing thread

Photographer's Name: Daniel Burchfield and Jessica Van Tran

Conceptual Statement: "Revival" was inspired by patterns in fruit, particularly the appearance of pineapples. I gathered multiple images of pineapples, drawing out the same but not identical patterns, and abstracting singular shapes to repeat. As I assembled the piece, it communicated some sort of strength, as if it were meant to be worn by a person of power from a completely different world/culture. The piece is entirely white, therefore, we felt it was important to focus on contrast, shadows, and highlights to really spotlight the neckpiece.

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