Alyssa Almaguer

Alyssa Almaguer is from San Antonio, TX. She received her Bachelor of Arts in History from St. Mary’s University. Prior to working at Sifuentes Metalsmith, she specialized in selling estate jewelry. With History as a backdrop to understanding the world she lives in, she finds a story in everything. The photos she takes convey stories that viewers can recognize and ponder.

Alejandro Sifuentes is a Metalsmith from San Antonio, TX. His career spans over 40 years, with humble beginnings of working with scrap rubber from the side of the road, to creating family heirloom pieces with high karat gold. Alejandro is continuously inspired by the natural world, religious practices, and his loved ones. In his own words, “I am an artist because I feel living with beautiful objects formed from the natural world reminds us that we are more than what we do.”


Dia y Noche

Date of Creation: July 1, 2022

List of Materials: Oxidized Sterling Silver, 18K Yellow Gold, Baroque Pearls, Upholstery Thread

Dimensions: 22 mm x 57 inches x 16 mm

Photographer's Name: Alyssa Almaguer

Model's Name: Alejandro Sifuentes

Conceptual Statement: The concept for this photo is to depict the artist’s ability to create beautiful objects from raw materials. The left hand is holding a palette with a variety of pearls as the paint. The right hand holding a torch, as if it was a paint brush. I used the actual maker, Alejandro, as the artist in front of canvas with his masterpiece, the Dia y Noche Pearl Necklace. Like the name suggests, the necklace is made from materials that are as different as night and day. It has the soft elegance of the pearls, and the heavy darkened silver chain. The gold connectors bridge the gap of these competing ideas. Alejandro executes these ideas well with his work, just from inspiration from the world around him, like the agave point that is also on the canvas. Agaves are soft and sharp, and his favorite plant. The photo is meant to pay homage to artists and their process, from the inspiration, the process, and the completion of their ideas brought to life.

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