Andrea Terry

Andi Terry is a sculptural jewelry artist from Liberty Hill, Texas, USA. Her initiation into jewelry making started at Austin Community College in Austin, and continued by taking master classes in filigree, chasing and repousse, and enameling. She has recently built a more formal studio practice, attending fine art shows and winning awards of excellence from shows around the country, as well as participating as a juror for the San Antonio Fine Arts Show. She was a finalist in the silver category in the 2019 Saul Bell Award, with her filigree necklace “An Elegant Disintegration”. She was accepted into the Grit to Gold Exhibition for the 2020 SNAG conference. She was a finalist in the 2023 Joe Hess awards, with her filigree piece, “Creature Comforts”.


Creature Comforts

Date of Creation: June 1, 2022

List of Materials: Fine silver/sterling silver

Dimensions: 3.75”x7.5”x7.25”

Photographer's Name: Andi Terry

Other Contributors: Doug Miller (photographer, photo with white background)

Conceptual Statement: This editorial submission was of particular interest to me, as I have always wanted to evoke the feeling of filigree as something lightweight and transparent. In photographing this filigree shell, with the horizon almost visible and the sun coming up behind it, I was attempting to summon a particular feeling of warmth. A feeling of warmth that one gets by witnessing a lovely sunrise, but one through the veil of a lace curtain. It also seemed fitting that “Creature Comforts” would be taken outside, since the snail always has its refuge and comforts of home in an outdoor setting.

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