Artemis Valsamaki

I was born in Athens where I live and work.
In 1999 I graduated from BA of Atrs in design after three yearstraining in visual communication design specializing in Graphic Arts.
During 2000-2003 I pursued my studies in handmade and industrial jewelry at the Mokume School of Athens. where I obtained state certification in the specialty of Handmade Jewelry.
In September 2004, I opened my own workshop in Athens .Ever since I have been participating in exhibitions in Greece and abroad, such as Joya Art jewelry fair Barcelona, Sieraad International Jewelery Art Fair- Amsterdam, Handwerk and design- Munich, Platina Gallery- Sweden, Hellenic museum – Melbourne, Coda Museum-The Netherlands, Creativity Oggetti Gallery-Turin , Abandoned Villa-Budapest, Melting point – Valencia, ” Putti ” Gallery- Riga, Technopolis Gazi – Greece, MEC Greece Exhibition, Museum of Greek Folk Art – Greece, Taf foundation-Greece, Benaki Museum – Greece,, Popeye Loves olive Art space-Greece, El.Marneri Galle


Angry Kid -Skullz Series

Date of Creation: January 1, 2019

List of Materials: Copper , Silver, Acrylic colour

Dimensions: 9 cm length -6cm height

Photographer's Name: Artemis Valsamaki

Conceptual Statement: ''Angry Kid'' has been the first Jewelry piece-Brooch of '' Skullz Series ''He has a mind of his own and like to do things that are usually forbidden . In a regular walk in the part as part of my everyday routine and since Angry Kid was with me at the time ,we both thought that he should be photographed skating even if it was not allowed.I am not owner of ''Angry Kid'' anymore.As a free and indipendent soul, he wanted to explore other adventures so hoping the best for him and his owner.

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