Azita Mireshghi

Azita Mireshghi is an Iranian-American metalsmith and studio artist based out of Santa Monica, California. She obtained her Master of Fine Arts in Jewelry and Metal Arts in 2016.
She has spent her entire life traveling back and forth to Iran and has a deep-rooted connection to Iranian culture and art. Her work explores emotions through jewelry and is process-driven, by creating textures and patterns. She focuses on making work that is strong and bold, meant to incite an internal response and increase confidence for the wearer.


Ask Me Why You Can't

Date of Creation: April 30, 2023

List of Materials: Copper, Bronze, Ribbon, Velvet

Dimensions: 8”x8”x4”

Photographer's Name: Eliana Morales

Model's Name: Azita Mireshghi

Conceptual Statement: Look me in my eyes and ask me why you can’t. Did you know that the Islamic Regime currently occupying Iran uses blinding (by shooting people in the eye) as a weapon of war against protesters? Blinding as a weapon of fear and control. Please check out Iran Wire’s special report to understand how and why this is happening, aaccessible online at: -Elaheh Tavakolian, Young Kurdish Woman Who Inspired the Protest Movement -Benita Kiani Flavarjani, Blinded in One Eye at Age Five -Niloufar Aghaee, Midwife from Tehran -Saman, the Refugee Who Spoke to International Media -Nazanin, Teenager Who Couldn't Stand Poverty -Mohsen Kafshgar, Children's Rights Activist from Amol -Shahin, Kurdish Man Hit by at Least 90 Lead Pellets -Kowsar Khoshnoodi Kia, Archery Champion and Women's Rights Activist + Many many more, and all the other brave and courageous Iranians fighting for freedom….

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