Baby Face Killer

Paxton Juhlin

Artist Statement: The objects we wear with ourselves daily convey messages and meanings beyond their intrinsic value. By either empowering or inhibiting one’s self, these objects hold special places for each of us. We choose to show the world a glimpse of ourselves through these items. Seemingly one’s identity becomes an almost public ordeal. The space for exploration is then clouded by our own ideas and insecurities. Creating a block between who we are, and what we show people. We get stuck in a state, of no state, in feelings of no feeling. When do we truly understand ourselves? My work focuses on this central goal of questioning one’s identity in relation to the environment and climate around them.

Materials: Copper, Sterling Silver, Steel

Dimensions: collar 8 x 4 inches. Chain, 24 inch.

Educational Institution: Montana State University

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