Beauty Mark

Mackenzie Reid


Artist Statement: Mackenzie Pearl Reid has recently become interested in the various ways we perceive ourselves when looking at reflective surfaces. She often views herself through a hyper-critical lens, internally warping her form. She creates work that mimics the positions she often finds herself holding when analysing her own body. These exaggerated forms are meant to elevate parts of the body that society often tells women to hide. The act of pushing and pulling metal into place with various hammering techniques reminds her of the way beauty standards force us to contort ourselves to fit an impossible mould. Drawing inspiration from her home, emotions and loss, Mackenzie creates tableware sculptures that honour natural bodies and the glory of accepting oneself.

Materials: Copper, Silver Solder

Dimensions: H 15 cm W 7 cm D 5 cm

Educational Institution: Nova Scotia College of Art and Design



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