Bitchn’ Hair Rollers

Emrey Parker


Artist Statement: I am interested in creating a sense of personal nostalgia in my work. Recalling imagery from the late 90s and early 2000s, I use pop culture references that reflect a time in my life that I remember fondly. Through the creation of these objects, I transport the viewer to an idolized perception of a short time in my life that I experienced before quickly realizing I would need to grow up faster than others in my age group. Raised by a young mother, I was exposed early on to the financial instability that we suffered from. By incorporating the aesthetics of this time period, I create wearable memories that allow me to revisit and embrace my childhood. While reflecting on the hardships of my past I am also looking forward to the future. The making of these objects and wearables become an act of ownership and the finished pieces an embodiment of my pride and sense of self.

Materials: nickel silver, sterling silver, cubic zirconias

Dimensions: 9×1.5×1.5inches

Educational Institution: University of Arkansas Little Rock


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