Brianna Hoehnke

Brianna Hoehnke’s artist bio:
Brianna Hoehnke, a BFA in studio arts graduate of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, makes jewelry suitable for everyday wear. Her work focuses less on representation and more on exploring contrast through the means of texture and mark making.
Tyler Kratz artist bio:
I am a BFA in applied media arts graduate of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Collaborating always inspires my work. I was asked by Brianna Hoehnke to help photograph her metals work. I wanted to help capture and give a little insight to her world and process. I like to highlight the artist, their craft, and their story. I find it important to capture the way the work catches and interacts with light, and the way it reflects the world around it. In doing so, I aim to convey the artistry and craftsmanship of the artist.


Cantaloupe Ring

Date of Creation: November 20, 2021

List of Materials: Cast bronze, cantaloupe rind

Dimensions: 1 x 2 x 1.24

Photographer's Name: Jacob Mati

Model's Name: Brianna Hoehnke

Other Contributors: Tyler Kratz (photo editor)

Conceptual Statement: Coming from a blue collar family, growing up was very hands-on. Whether it was artistic creativity or utilitarian work my family was one of labor. Due to this, it is important for my work to be functional and approachable by anyone; whether you are living lavish and large or just making an honest day’s work. While my work is driven from a pure joy of exploration of materials and an imaginative viewpoint, it is still a functional piece that can be worn during everyday activities. Thus giving purpose to my hard work, just as a traditional day of manual labor has purpose.

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