Christopher Liu


Artist Statement: The pieces I’ve submitted represent two aspects of my work. Vanitas is a part of a series on the exploration of space on and around the body, while Vessel and Burdened reflect my contemplation on objects and their occupancy of space. In my Levé Series, I emphasize the use of traditional craft and fabrication techniques such as stone setting and drawn wire to lift elements off of the body, externalizing the intimate experience of jewelry. I feel that these projections are a way for me and the wearer to physically reach out, filling the vacuum between people. Body & Soul, is a reflection on the concept of the body as a vessel – these vessels are fragmented self-portraits, whose copper shell conforms to an abstract space, that validates and represents that space through the juxtaposition of its contents. The space the vessel occupies is as important as the space it encloses, paralleling the body as a vessel, or in the lenses of bodily adornment, the body as the contents of the vessel.

Materials: Copper

Dimensions: 7 x 5 x 6 inches

Educational Institution: Texas Tech University


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